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26 August 2018

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Decca is moving to a new showroom!

Please note our office will be closed to visitors from 1st to 24th August due to showroom movement.

But don't worry, we won't be going anywhere far. We're moving from Showroom 101 to Showroom 113 in Design Centre East, Chelsea Harbour. So next time you visit us, once you step out of the lifts, instead of turning right you'll turn left. We'll be in the same building, on the same floor, just around the corner from our current showroom.

During this period, we will be more than happy to visit you at your office/studio. If you'd like to make an appointment, please contact

Gemma Allman for all hospitality projects

Gemma Allman

E |   

M | +44(0)77 9580 3649


James Fiddy for all residential projects

James Fiddy

E |  

M | +44(0)74 4683 0423


Cat mayo for all commercial projects

Cat Mayo

E |  

M | +44(0)75 4072 5440

Please note our office phones may be affected from 8th to 16th August. Please email us at for general enquiries or look for our individual mobile numbers in our email footers. When the showroom movement is complete, all telephone numbers will be the same.

We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding and look forward to welcoming you in our new showroom!

The Decca London team