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Custom Decca - Redesigning the Standard

Design a room using customised versions of our standard products and if you win, we’ll let you keep the furniture, once we’ve made it and put it on show.

Decca London are inviting you to design a room-set using 5 pieces from any of our standard furniture collections, but the pieces must be customised, making use of finishes, changing the dimensions, and adding in detail.

We hope this is a way for you to showcase your design talents and have the chance to win your customised collection. The public will be invited to vote for their favourite room-set.

The Decca Room - Executive Office (An Example)


Final Render


Shell Room


The Brief

You can choose any type of room to furnish using customised Decca furniture. Using the selection of blank 3d rendered interiors (shell rooms) we provide, we want you to devise a scheme, creating an entire room-set. You can decide what type or room you’d like to design, i.e. an office, a bedroom, a dining room or a living room; it’s entirely up to you. All we ask is that you select from any of our standard furniture items, and standard finishes and then be as creative as possible! You will find all standard furniture and finishes right here on our website. 

Come to our launch party on 18th September to talk with us about your ideas and explore finishes over a drink.

Please send us your custom furniture ideas, in the form of sketches or notes by October 15th and then we will decide on 10 concept rooms to go forward with to a development stage. We will invite each of the 10 design companies to a breakfast here in our showroom to discuss the project and develop the ideas.

The standard shop drawings will then be revised, and sent to our partner The Visual Shop to begin the 3D models to match the shop drawings, and your intentions. Once the 3D models have been finalised, you will work directly with The Visual Shop to discuss furniture placement and add in room details, such as wall colour, adding in props and discussing lighting, etc.

In the New Year, we will have 3D renders of each room-set and customised piece. There will then be a public vote on our website.

The winning collection will be announced just after London Design Week 2018, and will then manufacture and show the collection in our showroom. After showing the winning collection in our showroom the pieces will be awarded to the design company as a prize.

We need your initial ideas by 15th October.

Shell Rooms to choose from:

Good luck and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


James Fiddy

Telephone +44 (0) 74 4683 0423